How To Make An Easy Procreate Illustration in Easiest way

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Here’s something that even a beginner can make.

Step One:

Visit Use the search word wolf select an image that would make a good silhouette and import it into procreate trace an outline and fill it with black.

Step two:

Create a new sky layer and make it clipping mask paint four bands of color going from dark to light then apply gaussian blur to blend the colors finally add some texture using gaussian’s pepperbush.

Step three:

add the moon the birds and the clouds for the moon set the monoline brush to its max size and tap the screen once to place a perfect circle now set your eraser to gal shear stone brush and gently erase a portion of the moon for the birds use the syrup brush painting outwards from the center to taper the wings and for the clouds use the rainforest brush changing its size and pressure for variety. 

Step four:

add the distant trees use there’d brush to scratch them in like this then apply a motion blur to create a hazy look make a lighter version and flip it horizontally for the distant trees.

Step five:

Add your foreground and for the trees stamp them in using the tree brush set by demonical for the final touch hop back into


Watch out this YouTube Video for more details:

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