NADRA Jobs 2023 Apply Online Form in Pakistan posted a new job alert NADRA Jobs 2023 Apply Online Form in Pakistan

About National Database and Registration Authority NADRA (Introduction)

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is a free-standing department of the Pakistani government. In order to administer the national database of Pakistani citizens and offer various identity and registration services, it was founded in 2000. The National Database, a trustworthy and secure national database of citizens that comprises their biometric and demographic data, is maintained by NADRA as its major goal.

The registration and documentation of Pakistani citizens is greatly aided by NADRA. It is in charge of producing Computerised National Identity Cards (CNICs), which are the main form of identity for Pakistani citizens who are 18 years old and older. Additionally, NADRA gives Juvenile Cards to those under the age of 18 and Pakistan Origin Cards (POC) to foreign citizens with Pakistani ancestry.

Latest Jobs announcement in NADRA:

National Database and Registration Authority NADRA has announced new government job vacancies for all residents of All across Pakistan (All Provinces). Pakistani nationals possessing degree qualifications ranging from Primary, Middle, Matric, Intermediate (FA, FSC, ICS), Bachelor, Master are encouraged to apply for newly announced vacant job vacancies. Here, you can see the job spotlight having highlighted information:

Job Spotlight

DepartmentNational Database and Registration Authority NADRA
Job TypeGovernment Job
Required EducationPrimary, Middle, Matric, Intermediate (FA, FSC, ICS), Bachelor, Master
Location QuotaAll over Pakistan (All Pakistani residents are eligible to apply)
Last Date to Apply12 June 2023

Available new government Job vacancies in NADRA:

Candidates having qualifications Primary, Middle, Matric, Intermediate (FA, FSC, ICS), Bachelor, Master are eligible to apply for the following vacant posts:

  1. Data Entry Operators
    • Intermediate¬†education¬†(12¬†years)¬†or¬†an¬†equivalent¬†is¬†the¬†bare¬†minimum¬†requirement.
    • Proficient¬†with¬†computer¬†programmes,¬†particularly¬†with¬†data¬†entering¬†and¬†keyboarding.
    • Excellent¬†English¬†and¬†Urdu¬†language¬†skills.
    • Precision¬†and¬†attention¬†to¬†detail¬†when¬†entering¬†data.
  2. Deputy Assistant Directors
    • A¬†bachelor’s¬†degree¬†in¬†a¬†relevant¬†discipline¬†is¬†the¬†bare¬†minimum¬†requirement.
    • Strong¬†management¬†and¬†leadership¬†abilities.
    • Good¬†interpersonal¬†and¬†communication¬†abilities.
    • Work¬†experience¬†that¬†is¬†relevant¬†may¬†be¬†needed.
  3. Site Supervisors
    • Intermediate or a comparable level of education is required.
    • has management and supervision experience with sites.
    • Excellent planning and problem-solving abilities.
    • understanding of important operational and technical procedures.
  4. Helpers
    • Minimum requirement: Middle school or an equivalent.
    • the ability to assist with a variety of chores and conduct manual labour.
    • Physical preparedness and power.
    • ability to operate under other people’s supervision.
  5. Interpreters
    • English, Urdu, or other local/regional languages are examples of languages with which one should be proficient.
    • strong communication and language abilities.
    • familiarity with vocabulary and interpretation methods.
    • There can be a need for relevant qualification or expertise.
  6. Security Guards
    • Matriculation (10 years of education) or an equivalent is the bare minimum requirement.
    • physically capable of handling tasks relating to security.
    • understanding of security guidelines and practises.
    • good observational and communication skills.
  7. Site Managers
    • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline is the bare minimum requirement.
    • a track record of managing and supervising construction sites.
    • strong organisational and leadership abilities.
    • understanding of the ideas and procedures of project management.
  8. System Engineers
    • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a closely related discipline is the minimum need.
    • strong familiarity with software and computer systems.
    • a working knowledge of system administration and troubleshooting.
    • knowledge of network protocols and infrastructure.
  9. Drivers
    • a valid driver’s licence that is appropriate for operating the type of vehicle.
    • good driving history and familiarity with traffic regulations.
    • the capacity to drive responsibly and safely.
    • a good sense of direction and time management.
  10. Sanitary Workers
    • Primary or an equivalent education is required.
    • the capacity to carry out hygienic and cleaning duties.
    • physical stamina and capacity.
    • ability to operate under other people’s supervision.

Benefits you get after joining NADRA:

The perks of joining NADRA are numerous for its employees. Here are some typical advantages of working at NADRA, while precise benefits may change depending on the role, grade, and length of service of the employee:

  1. Competitive Salary: NADRA ensures that its employees receive competitive pay in order to fairly compensate them for their services.
  2. Allowances: Employees may be entitled for a number of benefits, including utility, transit, and housing rent reimbursement.
  3. Health Insurance: To ensure that employees and their dependents have access to medical facilities and treatments, NADRA offers health insurance coverage.
  4. Retirement Plans: To ensure financial security after retirement, NADRA offers retirement plans such as a pension scheme, gratuity, and provident fund.
  5. Employees have the right to take annual leave, sick leave, and other types of leave in accordance with the organization’s policies and procedures.
  6. Professional Development: NADRA places a strong emphasis on professional development and provides staff with training opportunities, workshops, and skill-upgrading programmes.
  7. Job Stability: As a government agency, NADRA offers its staff members stability and job security.
  8. Employee Assistance Programmes, Recreational Activities, and Social Events are a few examples of the employee welfare programmes that NADRA may have in place.
  9. Work-Life Balance: NADRA encourages employees to have a satisfying work-life balance so they can pursue both their personal and professional goals.
  10. prospects for Career Growth: NADRA provides possible prospects for career growth and advancement based on merit, experience, and performance, enabling staff members to succeed in their professions.

Applying Method for Vacant Job Posts in NADRA (Advertisement #1):

Deputy Assistant Directors (Evening/Night Shifts) are needed in the NADRA Regional Head Office in Islamabad. This chance is open to Islamabad residents only. There are 38 roles available in total. To apply for available vacant job posts, applicants/Job Seekers must follow these steps:

  • At the times and locations specified, prospective candidates are cordially welcomed to come in for a walk-in interview with all required paperwork.
  • The vacancy notification includes a detailed schedule, dates, and locations. Additionally, the complete list of documents needed for the interview is shown in the job graphic below.

Applying Method for Vacant Job Posts in NADRA (Advertisement #2):

Applications are being accepted by the National Database and Registration Authority to hire System Engineers and Data Entry Operators. Candidates with credentials including intermediate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees are welcome for this recruiting. To apply for available vacant job posts, applicants/Job Seekers must follow these steps:

  • Candidates are welcome to show up in person for the interview, which will be held at the NADRA Complex in Lahore at 73 Trade Centre, M.A. Johar Town.
  • The advertisement makes it quite clear when the interview will take place. We welcome all interested candidates to utilise this chance to present their credentials and talents in person.
  • We are eager to meet with you and learn more about how you might benefit our team.

Applying Method for Vacant Job Posts in NADRA (Advertisement #3):

System engineers, site supervisors, data entry operators, interpreters, helpers, sanitary workers, and drivers are among the positions that are now open. These possibilities are open to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa residents only. To apply for available vacant job posts, applicants/Job Seekers must follow these steps:

  • The interview is open to potential candidates, who should provide all necessary documentation. The advertising includes the interview schedule for each district.
  • The NADRA Regional Head Office at Phase-5, Hayatabad, Peshawar is the location of the interview and testing sessions.
  • All applicants are cordially asked to show up on time and prepared for the interview procedure. We appreciate your interest in this possibility.

Applying Method for Vacant Job Posts in NADRA (Advertisement #4):

Regional Head Office Mianwali of the National Database & Registration Authority NADRA Site managers, interpreters, and security officers are all employment options. Residents of Mianwali are qualified for these positions, which are headquartered in Sargodha. To apply for available vacant job posts, applicants/Job Seekers must follow these steps:

  • Prospective candidates are requested to be at the locations for recruiting on the scheduled dates and times, together with any required paperwork. Please be aware that throughout the testing and interview process, NADRA will not pay for any travel expenditures.
  • Additionally, quotas have been set aside for female, minority, and disabled applicants in compliance with governmental laws. The hiring procedure will run from June 2 through June 4, 2023.
  • We encourage everyone who is interested to apply, and we wish you well in all of your endeavours.


From this advertisement picture, you can read Applying method, Salary information, Eligibility criteria, Number of vacancies & Required Age, Qualification and Experience, etc 

NADRA Jobs 2023 Apply Online Form in Pakistan
NADRA Jobs 2023 Apply Online Form in Pakistan
NADRA jobs 2023 AD2
NADRA jobs 2023 AD2
NADRA jobs 2023 AD3
NADRA jobs 2023 AD3
NADRA jobs 2023 AD4
NADRA jobs 2023 AD3
 IMPORTANT NOTE:  Beware of Fake (Fraudulent) Recruitment Activities i.e. If any employer demands you to pay money for getting you shortlisted for job (by using illegal sources), you are advised not to pay money. Error & omissions excepted!!

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